Under the limits

The new release of Team Foundation Server 2010 went out few weeks ago. As I was lazy, I installed a quick VM to test it out, I put 512 Meg

Welcome to the Team Lab world!

The beta 1 of Visual Studio 2010 and Team System kicked out few weeks ago. As you may know it’s a major release of the Microsoft’s development tools. Most of

A new Team System MVP out there!

Just a quick post to say that I became Team System MVP from today! I’m really excited about it and I’ll continue hard working for this great community ! Thanks

When a network newbie plays with Hyper-V

I use Hyper-V since a while now, but somehow I always managed to get the network part working without doing anything special, until I met System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Roaming with Hyper-V: solving network issues

I installed Windows 2008 Server x64 with Hyper-V since a while on my laptop. Hyper-V was a great way for me to build up prototypes of several servers in a

Released a new Codeplex project: WITSynchronizer

Working with many clients on ALM and development processes I am often in a situation like this: I create a Process Template for the client and then create a Team

What you need to know to use the Process Template API

Developing an application using the Team Foundation Server Process Template feature is not an easy task, mainly because of the lack of documentation and sample around it. As I had

A laptop that rocks for Team System!

As I am a consultant, my best friend is the laptop I’m carrying all the time with me. Being a Team System consultant, it’s not easy to fulfill all the

French MSDN Article about Work Items with VSTS 2010

I wrote a small article for the French MSDN about the Work Item in the October CTP of Visual Studio Team System 2010. Here is is. Thanks to Eric Le

French article for ITExpert about ALM

I wrote an article with Eric Le Loc’h of Microsoft France for a French online magazine called ITExpert about ALM. This article is an introduction to development industrialization and how