Released a new Codeplex project: WITSynchronizer

Working with many clients on ALM and development processes I am often in a situation like this: I create a Process Template for the client and then create a Team

Modifying Work Item Type definition using the Object Model

I’m in the process of easing the installation of the Work Item Creator. To do that, I wanted to detect in runtime if a given Team Project doesn’t have its

Get files from a Label

This post may be helpful for the people who are looking to get the content of a given label in a Workspace. I looked for the code snippet on the

Simple way to create Work Item Hierarchy

Create a custom field in all your concerned Work Items named "ParentWI" for instance, of type integer.   Now, say you want to link two Work Items, the method will

Getting Work Items from the Store

 There’re few things I want to share about the WorkItemStore::GetWorkItem() method.First, it may sound clear for everybody, but: WorkItem a = wis.GetWorkItem(10); WorkItem b = wis.GetWorkItem(10); The instance a and