Released a new Codeplex project: WITSynchronizer

Working with many clients on ALM and development processes I am often in a situation like this: I create a Process Template for the client and then create a Team

Modifying Work Item Type definition using the Object Model

I’m in the process of easing the installation of the Work Item Creator. To do that, I wanted to detect in runtime if a given Team Project doesn’t have its

Get files from a Label

This post may be helpful for the people who are looking to get the content of a given label in a Workspace. I looked for the code snippet on the

Getting Work Items from the Store

 There’re few things I want to share about the WorkItemStore::GetWorkItem() method.First, it may sound clear for everybody, but: WorkItem a = wis.GetWorkItem(10); WorkItem b = wis.GetWorkItem(10); The instance a and

Simple way to create Work Item Hierarchy

Create a custom field in all your concerned Work Items named "ParentWI" for instance, of type integer.   Now, say you want to link two Work Items, the method will