How to quickly flash your Vertex SSD from USB

You can flash your Vertex’s firmware only from the DOS (under Windows or WinPE won’t work).

Here is the fastest way to create a bootable USB Key containing the DOS version of Windows 98.

The procedure was stolen form this OCZ forum post.

Get this file from the OCZ forum, unpack it and execute “RunThis.exe”, the following dialog form appears:


Select the USB key you want to use to create the bootable DOS.
Check “Quick Format”.
Check “Create a DOS startup disk” and select the folder “Bootfiles” in the zip you just unpacked.

Click “Start” and in few second the work is done.

Now you can copy the firmware you want to flash in you USB key and all you have to do is reboot, boot on the key and you’re done!

You can find more about the latest 1.3 firmware here.