OCZ released the 1.3 Firmware of the Vertex

The official post in the OCZ can be found here.

Links to the Firmware for the different size of SSD:

30 Gig
60 Gig

120 Gig
250 Gig

You can safely flash your SSD from the DOS and it won’t erase your existing data! You can flash from the version 1275 or newer.

The change log for this version is:

Version 1.3
Release Date: June 03, 2009

Bug fixes

• Host program lost drives if NAND BIST is run on multiple drives.
• Read Fail handling
• ATA Security Command didn’t work as expected.
• Race condition occurred during soft reset handler
• ATA Security Command didn’t work in AHCI mode.
• If read fail occurs during reading stamp information, firmware corrupted block 0.
• Power off recovery had bug in certain circumstances
• If host sends invalid SMART subcommands, Abort was not sent to host.
• SMART attribute data was not initialized properly for certain fields.
• Improper handling of ATA command when sent with 0 sector count

Feature Addition

• Remaining life expectancy calculation is implemented.