How to know the remaining life of your Vertex SSD

MLC SSD have a limited life time, the vertex announced a MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of 1.5 million of hours. This number is only based on a statistic of “how many gig of data you’re writing everyday”.

So if you really want to know the percentage of the remaining life you can do it if you have the firmware 1.30 or newer.

Again, this procedure is taken from a post of the OCZ forum.

Download the free tool CrystalDiskInfo, install it and run:

image The values surrounded by the blue square are meaning what they are supposed to.

The value squared in green means something different:
D0 = Erase Count Average.

The value squared in red also means something different:
D1 = Remaining drive life in % by Erase count.

So if you want to know how much is “left in the tank” of your SSD, just look to the D1 value.

As you can see, mine was already used pretty much! 🙂