TFS 2008’s GetMergeCandidates improvements and WICreator updates

Hi all, still alive! 🙂
It’s been a long time I didn’t blog, too many things going on in life.

This is will be short. I wanted to say few things:

  1. Good job the TFS Team for the TFS 2008 Release! Especially for the GetMergeCandidates API improvement! I blogged about that in the past: in TFS 2005 it was bugged, and slow. And now I can say: "yey, it’s fast and it’s working!"
    Now it’s bug free: I could remove the code I’ve made in WICreator for the "Merge by Work Items" feature.
    Before it took around 10 minutes for one API call for two branches with lots of changesets, now it’s taking only 20 seconds! The integration people loved the TFS 2008 upgrade, I can tell you!
  2. As I said in a recent post on the WICreator Codeplex’s project, I’m starting again working on WICreator, the "Merge by Work Items" feature is pretty stable and usable now (we use it in production for at least 4 months; we did around 30 releases with it). So I’m going to make a new Codeplex release, containing this major feature, and small other ones.
  3. I’m thinking about an "administration" part for WICreator that will do for you most of the boring tasks post setup: WITs’ fields creation for hierarchy, alert registration, few configuration of the NetworkModels.xml file. I think this feature would enhance the adoption of WICreator and WINetwork.
  4. I’m going to work on a "killer feature", well, more a "flashy feature", I hope it won’t take too much time or I won’t be able to release it. I really hope I will find time to do it, because it’s going to be great!
    One hint: WICreator is going to be .Net 3.0!

That’s it people, keep in touch for coming events.

Thanks to all the people who use WICreator, drop me a comment if you use it, I’m always curious! 🙂