News about WICreator and WINetwork

Many people asked if there would be a release of these tools, all I can say so far is "there’s a good chance" and it may be open sourced.

To release them I have to enhance things because I really do want them to be highly configurable and adaptable to your Process Template. That means I have to be able to deal with any kind of Work Item Types (as long as my three custom fields are declared), custom States, etc.

We use them in production already, and if there’s a release, I want any team to be able to use them in production too. Otherwise it would be pointless…

I also want both WICreator and WINetwork to be plugable. The first in-house plugin will be the creation of Work Items from JIRA Issues in WICreator and the workflow synchronization between a Work Item and its corresponding JIRA Issue in the WINetwork.

The wish list for WICreator also includes:

  • Ordered Hierarchy (almost done).
  • A filter for the TreeView (Work Item Types, States, Owner).
  • A "Favorites" list for the recent opened databases.
  • Visual Studio Package instead of a standalone application? (your thought about that is welcomed)
  • Integration with MS Project Server (in my dreams or at least in a not so near future): linking a Work Item with a MS Project Task, being able to update the task from a Work Item. No more Project Web Access for timesheet updates!

Stay tuned!