Weird things and improvments

Ok for some mysterious reasons using four MRTs can generate big slow down on the 6800. So I separated the render of the MRT in two passes, the first one

Shadow mapping improvments

I implemented Point Light shadows, soft shadows on spot lights. Soft shadows on point lights are still in progress, the result is not great so far. I also implemented the

Perspective Shadow Mapping

Perspective Shadow mapping is a real pain… I can’t get it work correctly, I’m putting the code on hold, and I’ll get back on it later.


Lost three days into a partition crash! Almost lost the 150gigs of data stored there, took more than a day to recover everything.

The beginning of shadow mapping

Implemented the spot light rendering. I have now the three basic types of light: directional, point and spot Added a Gaussian filter after the creation of the Occlusion Map. The

Ambient occlusion: done!

I’ve programmed the routine to compute a texture storing the ambient occlusion of a given mesh. The result is as expected: great! (see the screenshots). The computing process can take

Updating the lighting

Not much, I made the renderer plug-able for our shaders, add a better lighting support (see screenshots). I added a fourth Render Target. The surface type is D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8, it stores

First shot of the renderer

I’ve spent too much time the last few days to make D3DX working with Irion. The library is static, and doesn’t like our custom new/delete operators. The bug is not

SM3 Renderer

Ok, I have my new GeForce 6800 GT, the latest beta of the DirectX 9.0c SDK, the latest beta of nVidia’s drivers (SM3 enabled). Let’s start! I read many papers,