Work Item Network Models

Now we have hierarchy in our Work Item, we can take things to another level. The Hierarchy implies a relation between these Work Items, so it is natural to think

Simple way to create Work Item Hierarchy

Create a custom field in all your concerned Work Items named "ParentWI" for instance, of type integer.   Now, say you want to link two Work Items, the method will

Getting Work Items from the Store

 There’re few things I want to share about the WorkItemStore::GetWorkItem() method.First, it may sound clear for everybody, but: WorkItem a = wis.GetWorkItem(10); WorkItem b = wis.GetWorkItem(10); The instance a and

Hierarchy in Work Items

Relationship between Work Items is something important to me. The first thing that is obviously missing is a sense of hierarchy. Hierarchy is everywhere in life, so it is in

Work Items, an urgent need of evolution!

The development team I’m working on moved to Team System in September 2006. The shift from what we used before was pretty huge, mainly because we weren’t using SCM at

Doctor…I think we lost him… (aka TFS Warehouse breakdown)

Two weeks ago, here’s what I discovered when building a "remaining work" report. Ok, you can say we don’t use these things a lot (it’ll change in the future, I

Two months later…

I was working on something else (and took holidays), didn’t have the time to go back to the renderer until three weeks ago. At first I wasn’t considering these three

New rendering features !

I added Gamma Correction, bump/normal mapping, and Depth of Field. I also fixed few bugs. ScreenShots of Gamma Correction No correction Gamma corrected It’s brighter where it should be, and

Parallax mapping, more ambient occlusion n’ stuffs

Parallax mapping is finished. The whole production pipeline is now ready for that technique. The 3D Studio MAX plugin now computes the correct scale/bias and can also display the result

More improvments…

Added projector texture for Point and Spot lights. A cube map is used for the Point Light and a 2D texture for the spot, both are almost free concerning the