Work Item Creator 1.4 is available on Codeplex !

A new version is available on codeplex. As I said there, it should be a 2.0 version as there are so many new features. Installation: A lot easier and faster

TFS 2008’s GetMergeCandidates improvements and WICreator updates

Hi all, still alive! 🙂 It’s been a long time I didn’t blog, too many things going on in life. This is will be short. I wanted to say few

Updated version of WICreator on Codeplex

A quick post to say there’s a release 1.3 of the Work Item Creator on Codeplex, the sources (including the setup) are updated and in sync with this release. I’ve

It’s time to merge some Work Items

Using the Work Item Creator to create Work Items in a hierarchical way was the first step to reach one of the goals I set myself. The Work Items are

WICreator & WINetwork released on Codeplex!

I’m pleased to announce you that the Work Item Creator and WINetwork are both available in codeplex: It’s a start, the setup process is not as easy I’d want

News about WICreator and WINetwork

Many people asked if there would be a release of these tools, all I can say so far is "there’s a good chance" and it may be open sourced. To

WI Creator and WINetwork in action !

I’ve made some videos of the WICreator application, used with the WINetwork system. Check them out, I think they worth it! This one is about the creation of a project

Work Item Creator

Yes I know, spare me with the poor naming of this application, this is what happens when you allow yourself no more than 30sec to find something… Anyway, as I