French article for ITExpert about ALM

I wrote an article with Eric Le Loc’h of Microsoft France for a French online magazine called ITExpert about ALM. This article is an introduction to development industrialization and how

French MSDN Article about SCM with VSTS 2010

After writing a series of English post about configuration management with the October CTP of Visual Studio Team System 2010, I took the chance to translate it in french for

VSTS2010 CTP11: Work Items – Part 1

As I said in the previous post, the Work Item feature of the current version of TFS is already great, but everybody knows there’s room for improvement. So far, here

VSTS2010 CTP11: Work Items – Preamble

I continue my journey on the evaluation of the latest CTP of Visual Studio 2010 (formally known as Rosario), now is the time to play with one of my favorites

VSTS2010 CTP11 and Shelves

The Shelve concept was introduced in Team System in the very first release and it was immediately a success: a demo killer feature and an everyday handy one too! The

VSTS2010 CTP11: A bit of history…

Hi again, I’m still working through the Source Control of the October CTP of Visual Studio 2010. I guess now is the time to see if there are improvements concerning

VSTS2010 CTP11: Source Control – Branching management – Part 2

Hi all, I’m still going through the Branch system of the Source Control. We saw in the previous post that the branch feature evolved from the previous versions. There’s a

VSTS2010 CTP11: Source Control – Branching management – Part 1

We are all interested about the new killer features in the Architect version, the typed links in Work Items, the editable Workflows in Team Build, and so on. But we

Visual Studio 2010 October CTP – My own walkthrough

 Hi everybody, The October CTP of the now called Visual Studio 2010 just went out, so I’m taking advantage of that to start a little series of posts about the

Work Item Creator 1.4 is available on Codeplex !

A new version is available on codeplex. As I said there, it should be a 2.0 version as there are so many new features. Installation: A lot easier and faster