Visual Studio 2010 October CTP – My own walkthrough

 Hi everybody,

The October CTP of the now called Visual Studio 2010 just went out, so I’m taking advantage of that to start a little series of posts about the new features of Rosario.

There are many walkthroughs delivered with this CTP, and I really think it’s a cool thing, but in this series, I will demonstrate features based on personal experimentation only.
The reasons are simple:

          There’s no point to go through the walkthroughs, well, I guess…

          Not using the Microsoft’s samples and cases will allow me to challenge the release better.

          I simply want to discover the release from scratch, old habit, old fashioned guy?

So, the purpose is to discover the new values of Rosario and share it with you guys, challenge it a bit, see what frustrating things are gone, what missing features and wished stuffs was added and how.

Let’s start with the very first thing in application development: coding! 🙂