WICreator & WINetwork released on Codeplex!

I’m pleased to announce you that the Work Item Creator and WINetwork are both available in codeplex: http://www.codeplex.com/wicreator.

It’s a start, the setup process is not as easy I’d want to, but I can assure you it worth going through it!
I’m waiting your feedback by email or directly in the discussion forum in Codeplex.

If people are willing to help the application evolving, let me know!

Concerning the Work Item Creator application, I’ve added interesting features:

  • Siblings ordering in the hierarchy.
  • Tree View filtering by Title content and by the following fields of a Work Item: State, Created By, Assigned To, Work Item Type. The possible values are dynamically built, I’m kinda proud of it! 🙂
  • The saving process was optimized.