New rendering features !

I added Gamma Correction, bump/normal mapping, and Depth of Field. I also fixed few bugs. ScreenShots of Gamma Correction No correction Gamma corrected It’s brighter where it should be, and

Parallax mapping, more ambient occlusion n’ stuffs

Parallax mapping is finished. The whole production pipeline is now ready for that technique. The 3D Studio MAX plugin now computes the correct scale/bias and can also display the result

More improvments…

Added projector texture for Point and Spot lights. A cube map is used for the Point Light and a 2D texture for the spot, both are almost free concerning the

Weird things and improvments

Ok for some mysterious reasons using four MRTs can generate big slow down on the 6800. So I separated the render of the MRT in two passes, the first one

Shadow mapping improvments

I implemented Point Light shadows, soft shadows on spot lights. Soft shadows on point lights are still in progress, the result is not great so far. I also implemented the