Released a new Codeplex project: WITSynchronizer

Working with many clients on ALM and development processes I am often in a situation like this: I create a Process Template for the client and then create a Team Project based on it. The Team Project will become the “reference Team Project”, the main one for Process evolution. Then the client or I are making modifications on the existing Team Project (modify WIT, add new ones, create new WIQLs) when we want to upgrade the development process. Now it’s fine, but what happens when you have to start another Team Project (or you already had), and want it to be synchronized with the Work Item Types and WIQL of your “reference Team Project”? It is possible, but it’s not as easy as it should be…. You have to export the WIT and WIQL definition in local, download the Process Template, replace the WIT definition XML files, add new WIT and WIQL, references them in the WorkItems.xml and finally uploading the Process Template back to your Team Foundation Server. If you want to update a Team Project, the operation is less tedious, but still you have to perform the same set of tasks for each WIT and WIQL, one by […]

Work Item Creator 1.4 is available on Codeplex !

A new version is available on codeplex. As I said there, it should be a 2.0 version as there are so many new features. Installation: A lot easier and faster than before. You can now install and setup the whole stuff in few minutes. An administration application let you setup the WICreator for your TFS Server, and for each Team Project you want. User experience improved: The last used Team Project is restored when launching the WICreator application. There’s now a Most Recent Used (the yellow star icon) Work Item menu item. The user can create several Work Items at once, based on predefined templates. Area Path and Iteration can now be spread among children. The hierarchy fields are automatically added to a Team Project’s Work Item Type definitions when they’re not present. Integration using Work Item: The integration process can be driven by Work Item (you have to follow the 1 changeset / 1 Work Item associated rule strictly). Integration features will be available to member of a given TFS Role. The Branch Comparison feature display for selected branches (scoped in time) what Work Items are implemented or not. The Make New Release feature enables you to merge your […]

Updated version of WICreator on Codeplex

A quick post to say there’s a release 1.3 of the Work Item Creator on Codeplex, the sources (including the setup) are updated and in sync with this release. I’ve added few features: 1) Now you can customize the Actions menu to specify the types of Work Item you want to create. 2) The icons corresponding to the Work Item types are now stored on the WebService so that you can add icons for your own custom Work Item types (see the "About & Setup" document about that). I also fixed few bugs. Drop me a message on Codeplex if you’re using it, I’m always interested to get some feedback!

WICreator & WINetwork released on Codeplex!

I’m pleased to announce you that the Work Item Creator and WINetwork are both available in codeplex: It’s a start, the setup process is not as easy I’d want to, but I can assure you it worth going through it! I’m waiting your feedback by email or directly in the discussion forum in Codeplex. If people are willing to help the application evolving, let me know! Concerning the Work Item Creator application, I’ve added interesting features: Siblings ordering in the hierarchy. Tree View filtering by Title content and by the following fields of a Work Item: State, Created By, Assigned To, Work Item Type. The possible values are dynamically built, I’m kinda proud of it! 🙂 The saving process was optimized.